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Introduction of Bank of Rizhao

Established on December 28, 2000, BANK OF RIZHAO CO., LTD (hereinafter “Bank of Rizhao”) is a joint-stock commercial bank qualified as an independent legal entity consisting of state-owned shares, Chinese-funded legal person shares and natural person shares. By the end of 2016, its registered capital had reached RMB 2.748 billion, its net capital RMB 9.035 billion, its number of branches 65 and its number of staff over 1900. In 2006, Bank of Rizhao introduced Bank of Nanjing as a strategic investor, pioneering in strategic cooperation between domestic city commercial banks.Since it was established, Bank of Rizhao has been operating its business with great exactitude and concentration. With the shaping of five brands of “Bank for Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises”, “Bank for Citizens”, “Distinctive Bank for Currency Market”, “Bank for Logistics” and “Bank for Communities”, Bank of Rizhao has realized sustained, rapid and sound development. It successively sets up 7 branches in Qingdao, Jinan, Linyi, Weifang, Jining, Zaozhuang and Weihai, and initiates the establishment of Jining High-Tech County Bank. In the past16 years, the Bank’s total assets have increased by 80 times, the cumulative credit funds allocated have reached RMB 1.36 trillion, and the total profits have reached RMB 9.6 billion, which contributes RMB 4.7 billion tax for the city revenue. Its “One Base and Two Wings” cross-regional business strategy covers half of Shandong, which largely contributes to the regional socio-economic development. Besides, Bank of Rizhao has won over a hundred of honorary titles of national, provincial and municipal level, including “National Civilized Unit”, “National Youth Civilization Sample”, “Five-star Business Branch for Civilized and Standard Service in China’s Bank Industry”, “Chinese Pioneer Worker”and “Top Thousand Model Units for Civilized and Standard Service in China’s Bank Industry”.

In the next few years, under the guidance of “One Vision, Two Orientations, Three Breakthroughs, Four Doublings and Five Transformations”strategy, Bank of Rizhao will start a new undertaking and scale another new height. In this strategy, the Vision refers to building an outstanding regional bank with innovation and specialization, with total assets of over RMB 180 billion in 2020, doubling the total assets of 2015.

Operation Performance

By the end of 2016, the total assets had exceeded RMB 100 billion, reaching RMB 104.3 billion; the deposits balance had reached RMB 75.9 billion, maintaining the first place in deposits market share under Rizhao administration for ten consecutive years; the loan balance had reached RMB 50.8 billion, total on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet credit amount rising to the top of the industry under Rizhao administration; the business profit was RMB 2.195 billion and the book profit was RMB 0.886 billion, contributing various types of tax amounting to RMB 0.713 billion. Every supervision index meets the supervision requirement and achieves the anticipated management goal.

Corporate Vision

Creating boutique bank  Achieving century-old company

Superior governance, Precise internal control, Efficient finance, Meticulous service and Capable teams

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the soul of enterprise development, it is also the inexhaustible power to encourage the whole enterprise ongoing. Since our bank was set up, we fostered the characteristics "family culture" and trained a group of professional dedication, loyalty and hardworking cadres and workers. We also created thick atmosphere of justice trend and attention, and formed a powerful force to promote the development of our career.

Under the “New Normal” and the new situation of “Internet plus”, the “Family Culture” of Bank of Rizhao is upgraded to “Plus” Culture with an enriched connotation: “Excellence” -Dream plus, “Praise” -Impetus plus, “Increase” -Platform plus, “Family” -Your plus.

Corporate Governance

According to the "corporate law" and "commercial bank law" or other relevant laws and regulations, we have established governance structure of "three meetings and one layer". The general meeting of stockholders, board of directors and board of supervisors operate independently with a clear responsibility management. At the same time, they could establish mechanisms for checks and balances between the rights of valid scientific institutions, decision-making Institutions and oversight bodies within the business management.

Currently board of directors has under it for committees strategy committee, risk management committee, the audit and control transaction committee and remuneration and nomination committee. Supervising committee and nominating committee belong to the board of supervisors.

In the recent years, our bank strictly abides by various laws and other regulations. we strive to Improve our corporate governance standards learnt from advanced experience of banks'''''''' corporate governance mature approach combined with the actual condition for ourselves.

In the recent years we have disclosed through the "finance times" and other publicly the annual report summary In accordance with the regulatory of banks'''''''' listed Information. we continuously Improve the timeliness and accracy and completeness of Information disclosure whose quality In line with listed banking standards and earnestly sdafeguard the Interests of shareholders.